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Welcome to [community profile] csi_newyork, a community for fans of CSI: New York. Discussion, meta, spoilers, reviews and news is welcome here.

CSI: New York airs on CBS at 10:00/9:00. Episode discussion entries will be posted on the day of a new episode and should be assumed to contain spoilers.

  • Golden Rule: Treat others the way you'd like them to treat you. Respect your fellow community members. No flaming.
  • Spoilers go behind a cut. Include a spoiler warning outside the cut and use the spoiler tag.
  • All posts must be related to CSI: New York. If it is off topic it will be deleted.
  • This is a community for discussion. Please go to [community profile] csi_newyork_fic to post fanfiction and [community profile] csi_newyork_pics to post graphics.
  • Community advertisements are allowed. If it is a CSI: New York community you may post the advertisement without asking for permission. If it is general CSI-verse or you feel it is still related in some way, please contact me via PM or the Mod Post for permission.

    Mod Contact:
    PM Zelda Ophelia
    Comment on Mod Post
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